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Newbalance Black XC-72 Men Shoes Lifestyle


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Newbalance Black XC-72 Men Shoes Lifestyle
The new XC-72 pushes its classic sources of inspiration even further into unexplored territory, with a time-bending design inspired by the speculative technological optimism of 1970s concept cars.Three distinctive traction outsole patterns and angular features are employed to give the familiar low-cut sleekness of the era’s running shoes an aggressive, experimental edge. The XC-72 is the future that the past dreamed about, come to life.

  • Vertically split outsole features two hard ground traction designs the XC15’s ‘gripper’ and the 375’s studded pattern
  • Stability heel clip featuring the 620s herringbone outsole pattern
  • Suede and recycled mesh upper with recycled content in N logo, lace and lining
  • Rubber outsole with 5% recycled content
  • Single layer microfiber tongue
  • Squared toe shape inspired by 1970s concept car designs


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